Elma Triple Chandelier
The Triple Elma Chandelier is a study in balance and composition, with three arms arranged to form a dynamic fixture that offers different views from each angle. The glass tubes, criss-crossing each other as they reach out, create colorful light play.
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Large - 55” x 48” x 40” H

Medium - 46” x 41” x 32” H

Small - 34” x 30” x 25” H

Lead Time
12-14 Weeks
From $13,790
Spec Sheet
Metal Finishes

Brushed Brass

Dappled Brass

Satin Nickel

Polished Nickel

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Glass Colors


Charcoal Grey

Opaque White

Jet Black



Topaz Yellow

Emerald Green

Cornflower Blue

Elma Triple Medium in brushed brass with sandblasted clear glass
Glass tube color options: Amber, Cornflower Blue, Charcoal Grey, Opaque White, Topaz Yellow, Emerald Green, Pink, Clear (left to right)
Elma Triple Small in polished nickel with charcoal grey, opaque white and cornflower blue glass
Custom Elma Triple Medium in brushed and polished brass with topaz yellow, charcoal grey and lavender sandblasted glass
Elma Triple Medium in satin nickel with pink, emerald green and topaz yellow glass
Metal finish options: Satin Nickel, Dappled Brass, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel, Brushed Brass (left to right)